Monday, November 12, 2012

The South Shall Rise Again?

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By Rick Carufel

Since Obama was re-elected no less than fifteen states have filed paperwork to secceed from the Union.  Every state that was a member of the old Confederacy wants to quit the Union.  One has to wonder it there are racist factions in this country who would destroy the country rather than be ruled by a black man.
We’ve all heard the old saying,”The South Will Rise Again!”  But when and where was this to take place?

 Has there been an unspoken agreement between the southern states dating back to the end of the Civil War that says when a black man is elected president they would seek to leave the union and rise again?  Has the racists and elitists decided that, with the re-election of Obama, the country has been lost to ex-slaves and illegal immigrants and it’s time to rise up and defend the entrenched white 1%ers vision of what America should be?  Ruled by white elitists and the ultra rich.

This could very well be the start of America’s second civil war.  There is no doubt that a policy of firing employees because the president was re-elected is seditionistic in nature and sooner or later will elicit a violent backlash.

Separatism has become very real in the last week.  Of the 15 states that have petitioned to leave the Union it is legal for only one, Texas, to do so.  All other states would be considered US territory in revolt and open to military action to re-establish US control.
Maybe Obama knows more than we do and maybe all those FEMA camps around the country will be filled with southern revolutionaries.  Maybe the next four years will be very hard if you live on the edge of the north/south zone.

At some point the separatists, who it would seem have been hiding in plain sight as the Republican’t party, will have to be stopped or this great country will be destroyed by their hatred, suppression and intolerance.

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