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Barack Obama Backs Hillary Clinton: They've Both Been Bad For America

Clinton vs. Trump

Hillary Clinton has lied, cheated, and stolen through the Clinton Foundation. She has committed treason and knowingly let innocent people die under her watch. She beat an FBI investigation, and not because she was innocent, but because she didn't know she broke the law. Tell that to anyone who ever bought stolen property and went to jail for it. There are people in every jail in America that committed a crime without knowing they were doing so. The thing is they're doing the time, but Hillary is above the law so she's running for President. She puts up a good front and does her homework in preparation for the debates, but we've all seen her outside of that atmosphere and she is vicious. She thinks that we're so dumb that we cannot see through her, but she's basing that off the fact that the American voters reelected George Bush and Barack Obama after they'd failed us in their first term.

Donald Trump is filthy rich. We need to remember that he didn't need this. He wants to take on the job because he sees the country he loves going down in flames. He wants to make America great again. That slogan was been used to question Trumps patriotism, but nobody knows better than Donald Trump what opportunities a driven America can offer. This country and everything it offers has been good to Trump. It's not hard to believe that he'd want to step up for all the liberties, rights, and opportunities, this country can provide. Over the past twenty years we've witnessed a slow destruction of America. Jobs leaving at a rate that killed the economy, added to the national debt, and wiped out the middle class. Something had to be done. Donald Trump didn't want to leave it in the hands of another corrupt politician, and that's exactly where it was headed.

Donald Trump and the Rigged System

The Democrats skew the poll numbers to favor their candidate. If you've kept up with the media coverage it's been pro Hillary Clinton. They try to spin the narrative to make Donald Trump look like a madman, while they try to help Hillary Clinton sell this lily white image that she's everything that's good. The polls all show Clinton in the lead, but that doesn't coincide with the public opinion. I believe that most people realize that with all the experience that Clinton has in politics has been a failure. I think they realize she is a crooked lying thief.

Donald Trump doesn't believe he's going to get a fair shake. Should he have brought that up before he knew whether it was the case or not? That's debatable. They're making it out like Trump is being a big crybaby, but there have been a lot of former nominees that questioned whether the outcome was legit, and even Hillary Clinton questioned the process herself. Trump didn't wait until all the votes were in to call bullshit on the whole thing before it was all said and done.


The media wants to pretend like the voting process has never before been questioned. That's not the case, (Gore to Contest Election Results) but Trump has to be the bad guy and the media will have it no other way. They push their agenda and continue to put their own spin on it. Hillary is good and Donald is the bad guy, but the proof is right there for anyone to see. Hillary is a lying, thieving, criminal, but they do a great job at making Donald Trump out to be the bad guy.

Voter Fraud Proof - 18 Million Invalid Registration & 2 Million Are Dead

Latest Presidential Polling Results - National
Clinton (D)
Trump (R)
10/10 - 10/18
Clinton +6.5
10/17 - 10/18
Clinton +6
10/15 - 10/18
Clinton +4
10/15 - 10/17
Clinton +7
More Poll Results

The Obama Factor

We all know at this point that Obama is in favor of Clinton. That is because he knows she will keep Obama's Affordable Health Care Act in place. He knows her system is identical to his, but we are smart enough to see that he has failed and that just like him she will also fail us as President. Obama comes to Clinton's defense, despite the fact that Trump has attacked her from the same angles he did when they campaigned against her. Only things had not gone well for her since she'd faced Obama and Donald has a lot more ammunition to use against her.

Obama said that Donald Trump should be gracious in defeat if he loses to Hillary Clinton. This coming from the man who said he'd found a loophole and wouldn't leave office if Trump won.

It's not unheard of for a candidate from a certain party to back the incoming Presidential nominee from the same party. However, it hasn't happened since Ronald Reagan backed his Vice President George H. Bush. The departing President has some strong pull that can sway the public opinion, but when that president was a train wreck it might not be all that much in the way of help. Obama's presidency was a complete and total disaster. Clinton's plans for the economy, defense, and immigration are all very similar to what Obama has in place right now.

Obama has failed as President of the United States of America. He failed in his first four years and was reelected for a second term. Now Obama and Hillary Clinton want to turn our proud country into a refugee camp. Where we take in Syrian refugees and there won't be any vetting process. There isn't now and there won't be. Terrorists will walk right into this country. They will get through any background checks they perform, and we know this because they already have. We're a proud country and we do help other nations, but we're also not dumb enough to let these terrorists walk right into our country, are we?

Ask yourself this: Are we better off now than we were before Obama took office?

There are those who believe that President Obama might actually be trying to purposely try to derail this country. When you look at the total picture that's probably not that far off. There's a long list of things that went wrong under Obama's watch, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been involved about as deep as she could get. Hillary's presidency would be just like Obama's. It's kind of funny that she called Trump a puppet, because she will follow the template left behind by Obama. She would tweak a few things like she's talking about doing to Obama Care, but in the end her philosophies and procedures would be exactly what's currently in place.

What did Bill Clinton think of Obama as he ran against his wife in 2008?

"A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee," Mr Clinton was quoted as saying in Game Change, by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

Obama has done nothing for the black community, and despite Hillary's efforts to act like she cares the truth is she doesn't. There is no way she could win the election without their vote. She knew the importance of of getting them on her bandwagon, and made more of an effort to make it public as she was posing for votes. They can say 'Black Lives Matter', but she cares about black people about as much as she does the rest of the nation, and it's not that much. If you live below the poverty level you're a Deplorable, and that's exactly what Hillary thinks of the poor people in this country. That's not a black thing nor a white thing. It's got everything to do with financial status and she don't care about helping the deplorable poor people.

The Clinton's

The Clinton's have been untrustworthy, but despite the fact that she a lying, thieving, criminal, she's allegedly leading in the polls. I'm shocked at how little some Americans care about the corruption and cronyism. Hillary is a cold criminal and yet the Democratic Party voted her ahead of Bernie Sanders. Now she allegedly has a sizable lead over Republican candidate Donald Trump, and with the media in her back pocket she's being pushed into the White House.  I'm truly shocked that anybody would vote for someone with the criminal background that Clinton and her foundation has.

Donald Trump lost unity in the Republican Party when a video surfaced with his making sexual comments about women. President Obama called the comments sexual assault. No, he's a little confused, because those were just comments. What Bill Clinton did was sexual assault. The Democratic nominee is married to a sexual predator. She is married to a career rapist, but her followers overlook the disrespect she has for actual rape victims. It truly is a blind ignorance.

All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done — From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal...

I think that there's enough proof Hillary isn't fit to be president. Still the Democratic followers believe she has their best interest at hand. The lower income families believe she will provide them with a better life. She has no plan to stimulate the economy and is responsible for factories all across the country to close up shop. Obama would eventually get rid of most of those that remained. Until the jobs are brought back and factories are back up and running the country will not get back where it had been.

When you consider the political turmoil that exists right now you find Hillary is behind just about all of it. Her emails have opened up more wrong doing than any one person could've imagined. She was irresponsible and when she was called on being such she became arrogant. When she needed to be she became ignorant. If she's as clueless as she appears to be concerning the emails then we do not need her leading the country. Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President of the United States and should be in prison for the crimes she has committed.

Judge Nap: It Appears FBI Was Told to Exonerate Hillary 'at All Costs'

Donald Trump

I think the choice is clear as to who the next President of the United States of America should be. Donald Trump wants to make America great again. Hillary Clinton wants to finish off America which had been originally put in trouble by her husband. That was followed by a 16 year assault by George W. Bush and Barrack Obama. The twin towers crashed under Bush and the economy crashed under Obama. I honestly don't feel like either of those things happen under the type of leadership that Donald Trump brings to the table.

This video surfaced and support for Donald Trump fell.

The Republicans were jumping ship. They were willing to drop their support for Trump after this video surfaced. Donald Trump didn't say anything that most men discuss. This type of talk was not originated by Trump. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ladies...your men are saying the same types of things that Trump said here.

Hillary Clinton wanted to pretend like this type of thing is unheard of, but it was her husband that received a blowjob in the oval office and penetrated an intern with a cigar. Bill Clinton is a serial rapist and she has defended his actions and insulted rape victims. This type of activity is not unheard of and very prevalent in their lives.

Donald Trump said he thought the election process was a sham, and again more Republicans jumped ship. However voter fraud is a real issue as we've already covered in this post. Voter Fraud Proof

In the 3rd and final debate Trump was asked in he would concede in defeat. With voter fraud being prevalent and Hillary's past, why should Trump concede defeat so quick and easily? She is a criminal and shouldn't even be allowed to run.

Hillary has made comments about Donald having the nuclear codes, but then she reveals how long it would take for America to launch. There is no way we're safer under Clinton. She has funded and is backed by terrorist nations.

Donald Trump has said he going after the jobs that had left America. When those jobs come back employment comes back to millions. That stimulates the economy. Hillary isn't bringing the jobs back. She's the reason they're gone in the first place.

Hillary definitely has more experience in the field of politics, but her record is full of failure. We have went in the hole from bad politics. I think it's time that the common man works with the politicians to fix the real problems the plague the nation.

Trump Is the Only Choice 

They never expected Donald Trump to make it this far. He beat out some great candidates to represent the Republicans. Trump was raised with money, but he made the most of his opportunities. He's the closest thing to the common man that we've had running for president since Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump knows people from all walks of life, and I think what to do in order to give opportunities to everyone. 

Michelle Obama has been campaigning for Clinton. Yes, the lady who once said she wasn't proud to be an American at one point. Her selling point is that Trump talked about groping and kissing women. Again...she's talking up a candidate that insulted ladies who were raped by her husband. The things on that tape were just talk, but what Bill Clinton did wasn't just talk. She said some terrible things about Trump, but no matter how bad they try to make him look he's still not a criminal. That's more than can be said for Hillary and her husband.

I'm optimistic and believe that America is going to wake up. I think most will realize we cannot elect a candidate who's committed serious crimes that include treason against the United States. I think most democrats realize that we can't miss like we did when Obama was re-elected. Trump doesn't have the political savvy that Clinton has, and he's not as clearly spoken as Obama, but he's better than both for leading this country. 

I suspect that most realize that Trump is the real choice here. Even if you don't like Trump based off, his foul language and derogatory comments toward women, or the fact that he doesn't pay federal income tax, or his unwillingness to concede defeat...etc. One fact remains and that is, he is not a criminal, he's not a thief, and he's never turned against our great country. The fact is regardless of what Donald has said and done he loves this country. This country has been good to him. We need a President like Donald Trump!

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