Thursday, February 22, 2018

We're Keeping Our Guns - The Last Line of Defense

America Stands for Freedom

There is a gun in just about every household in America. The 2nd Amendment not only provides you the right, but encourages one to have a way of protecting themselves. Our forefathers knew that our government was capable of turning on its own people. We the people could not be left without a way of protecting ourselves should they go rogue. Japan was going to attack the continental United States of America during WW2. They thought better of this idea, and not because they were afraid of the military, but because they knew every American household possessed a gun. 

We hold more power than any government could control. That's why everything they do is to keep us divided. Now the right to bear arms is being infringed upon. We are once again in a situation that has us divided. Nobody ever considered handing over their guns until the school shootings started taking place. Now before the smoke cleared they were pressing for more gun regulations. There is nothing that would make these patriotic gun carrying Americans hand over there guns. They figure we'll crack and give in if enough children die in school shootings. They're hitting us where it hurts the most, the kids. They know that it's a matter of time before we hand our guns over. That's where they're mistaken. We're not handing over our guns or giving up our right to bear arms. 

Kids Killing Kids

There is an undeniable problem. The thing is that there has been a problem since the late 1990's. Over 150 people have been killed in mass school shootings since Columbine. The incident at Columbine was the first school shooting, and twenty years later it's still happening. It's not only still happening, but at a rate that's unacceptable. Especially when in 75% of the cases information had been released to authorities. The two glaring problems are: First the children are getting the weapons inside the school. Second they want to get the weapon in the school. 

The rate of suicide among high school students is higher than that of school shootings. In the information age these children aren't able to escape the bullying that might start at school. There has always been bullying among students in school, but they could get away from it once they left school grounds. Now it seems that it's so bad that kids are killing each other or harming themselves. Between the bullying, internet, violent video games, and the pressure to fit in the kids are losing morality. Morals have been on a rapid decline since the mid 90's, and now it at a rapid pace of becoming nonexistent. 

In 1995 HBO aired a movie called Kids. This film depicted the life of teenagers in the big city. They were quitting school, consuming drugs and alcohol, and having sex and spreading STD's among them. If this is where someone thought society was at that point we needed to do something then. I was a teenager myself at that point, and the small town I lived in was not like that, but perhaps all the signs were there. Something should've been done at that point knowing we'd seen the American Dream of the 50's and 60's. We'd seen the unity of the 70's and 80's. The technology of the 90's and the new millennium. 

Gangster Rap found a home in the 1990's. This would last almost a decade and see two of the most iconic gangster rappers dead. Tupac Shakur and Chris Biggie Wallace were shot over what was a media created feud between the East Coast and the West Coast. Gangster Rap died with those two rap stars, but something else would replace it. Marshall Mathers also known Eminem would bring the rap genre to the next millennium. He did so with a level of vulgarity that had never been witnessed. He was universally accepted an exploded in popularity. It was offensive, derogatory, and outright criminal in some cases. 

The children are subjected to things that all kids have been on some level. However, the sound is louder, the picture is more clear, and they can share it all from the palms of their hands. During the 70', 80's, and 90's the culture in America changed. We transcended barriers and changed on so many different levels. Racism was not gone, but kids had been reconditioned and beliefs were starting to change in the 70' and 80's. The disco era was black and white. People were partying and clubbing together, and the peace and love, not war era of the 1960's set all of this up. Views on the Vietnam war brought us closer together. 

The country is built on separation. The goal became to unify the children and on a large scale they did. The problem with it was that they'd unified a portion of society that was bigger than they thought. This was a mistake and they realized it quickly in the 1990's. These children were the future of a country built on separation, and they're in sync and more on the same page than any one sector of society. The system doesn't work when we are on the same page. Not even the children. They couldn't leave it up to chance that these kids might grow apart in their ideas, but that would be too risky. They had to use MK Ultra tactics on the kids to make sure they didn't. 

The way to get to the fruit at the top of the tree is to chop down the tree. They could go directly at the children by breaking up families, manipulating them through school, and changing the social structure that had been on most levels normal. The new movement was a you are not like them type of deal. They'd go on to discover every way these children were different and they exploited that. They used pop culture and it's influences to guide these kids in a certain direction. Video games like Grand Theft Auto promote violence, murder, theft, rape, and gang violence. They're subjected to a society that can't decide whether they're male or female.

 The school works like a prison system, some schools even wear uniforms, and have police officers on campus. The local high school here has officers on campus, and I know of at least two gun threats. The doors lock and you can only get in one way. At one point the children had to use clear bags. That was step in the right direction, but schools started going away from that. They're combining schools making them bigger and creating the super school. This only makes it harder to eye every child entering the school. The schools are going to have to take the necessary measures to check students before they enter. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

There's Something Wrong with the World Today

I think we know exactly what it is. 

These mindless democrats are the problem. This country was founded on division. We've always been divided. Things were divided here when this country was found. The land was occupied and stolen by our ancestors. They were not apologetic and didn't care about the lives they destroyed. That mentality has never gone away. The system has always been clear - if you control the resources then you control the people. We are the United States of America, but we've never been united in our history. Not before the Civil War and not after. The system only works if we are the Divided States of America. If we were all on the same page and working toward a common goal we'd overcome any situation that we'd encounter. We'd even overcome the control structure that's been in place since the beginning of time. 

If you were told about the Bible and the importance of religion, but then it was made illegal to worship. You'd know what you should do, and you'd know what's right, but you'd also be forced to comply with the rules put before you. That exact thing has happened before, and on a much smaller level it goes on every day. It always has and always will. We don't have an understanding of what true freedom is. We don't miss it because we've never had it. You're given a right to any religion you choose, and that's given to you. It was decided that you could have that. For good reasons too. Organized religion has become a well oiled machine. The biblical consequences keep the masses in line, but also divided. The system is in place and it's not going anywhere soon. 

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave: You are free, make no mistake about that. However, freedom is all in perception. When you observer total slavery you see that you're free, but you're really only as free as those controlling you allow. You're not controlled by people. You're controlled by a system created by the people who've always been in control. We follow the rules and standards set for us. We don't question this because we only know this type of controlled freedom. I'm not talking about laws, as they're set to keep order and peace. I'm talking about the control of the resources and how they took over. You now pay for gasoline what they tell you to pay. We're dependent on automobiles to get us where we need to go. They control everything you consume right down to the Earth's water that you drink. 

We believe whatever we are told, we believe whatever we see, and we live the way they instruct us to live. Individuality has become a bad thing. Thinking for yourself has become a thing of the past. We blindly trust a government that has lied to us for years, and experimented on the people they're suppose to be protecting. MK Ultra was real,  acknowledged, and apologized for by President Bill Clinton. Those who control you control the government that uses the population like test monkeys. They find new ways to control the populace every day. We're all controlled and wouldn't know any other way to be. You learn to conform in your elementary years of life. The rules, standards, and expectations, are taught at this point. School like religion has become a well oiled machine, and they know exactly how to use it. 

The people who make up this country control each other, but that society was created for you. It didn't just exist or come from nowhere. The President of the United States is just a figure head. He or she doesn't control what it's believed they do. The system and the structure it operates by are created by big banks. The Morgans, Carnegies, and the Rockafellers. They control you now and they always have. Whatever they want to happen does just that, it happens. They control everything that makes up everyday life. You do live in a free country, but are you really free if you're controlled by the 1% in every possible way? What you have is an illusion of freedom. You've got an American Dream, but that's all it is, just a dream. You'll wake up to the controlled freedom that you've always known. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Kanye West: The Message Inside the Rant

The Rant

The fans who paid to see a Kanye West concert got short changed. He gave them something they didn't want to hear, but he gave them the truth. It wasn't the most clear or straightforward rant. He went off on the Illuminati and their handling of the music industry. He's not the first to speak out against the industry and the Illuminati, but it didn't end well for any of those who did.

Kanye was hospitalized a few days after the rant. I've heard conflicting stories as to whether or not his admittance was voluntary. It was later stated that he was exhausted both physically and mentally. They were already excusing the rant away blaming the stress he was under. The entertainment industry is Illuminati controlled, and the total control cause Kanye to snap.

The Message Inside the Rant

I don't know very much about Kanye West. I had heard of him before and know he's pretty popular among fans of rap music. During his rant he called out Beyonce and Jay-Z. I've heard of them as well, and know all about their ties to the Illuminati. I know they did all they could to get Hillary Clinton elected president. In the end that didn't work out too good.

"Fuck Radio" West shouted. The radio stations are told what they can play and it's no different than the way they decide what news stories you're given. The message was as true as anything he's ever said, but blowing up a concert that fans paid hard earned money to see was wrong. What they got was a little insight into how things really are, and most of those fans needed to hear it.

West Meets with President Trump

Kanye had a meeting with president elect Donald Trump. This following the rants and hospitalization. There was never anything wrong with Kanye, but the fact that he was checked into the hospital gives him a built in excuse, and he doesn't need an excuse. He might owe his fans an apology for blowing up the concert, but he doesn't need to apologize for telling the truth. The message was not as clear and precise as it could've been. I still think we all know where he was coming from. There's no doubt that Kanye has witnessed the deception and murderous intent of the Illuminati. They control the world he's wrapped up in. They control the world he could escape to. West realized they controlled everything including him.

I know very little about him, but I think he's more of a free spirit than one who's easily controlled. He said he was taking a chance to spread the message. That was true. It would not shock me if something happened to Kanye West. If it does in the months following his rant we'll know they took him out the way they've done others inside the entertainment industry. He took a chance alright, and the message should have been clear enough for anyone to hear. The message he gave us was full of frustration, anger, and fear. It was real and there was more to it than we picked up on. There are serious issues connected to that rant. When someone who's been wrapped up in the whole thing breaks their silence the message is worth more than the price of a concert ticket. I think he turned to Donald Trump to inform him of what is really happening.

Kanye sees real hope in the change that President Trump has promised.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Balance of Power: The New World Order

Nuclear War - Lies and Deception 

Several months ago Vladimir Putin open up to reporters on the subject of nuclear weapons. He was dissatisfied with the US for continuing to manufacture nuclear weapons. President Obama broke the agreement the two countries made, and Putin feels he was and still is being lied to. If Hillary Clinton had been elected President there would've been WW3. Putin had obviously lost all confidence that he'd be able to work the issue out peacefully.  

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

Hillary Clinton accused the Russian Kremlin of leaking false information in attempts to help Donald Trump win the election. It was no secret that Putin wanted Donald Trump to win, but he'd said that he was willing to work with whoever the president of the United States was.  Putin: We'll work with any candidate U.S. voters choose

There is no doubt in my mind that the issues that most concern both sides can be worked out. Hillary Clinton would bash Donald Trump for mutually seeing Vladimir Putin in a positive light, but she also had spoken highly of Putin herself. Hillary Bashed Trump for Liking Putin, But Look What We Found in HER Emails

Donald Trump has already agreed to work with Vladimir Putin on the problems in Syria, and Putin responded with, "We've never sought enemies, we need friends." At this point it appears to me that both sides are in a place where a working relationship can be made. That's a huge step in making America great again. 

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin vs The New World Order 

There is little doubt in my mind that both Trump and Putin are well aware of the secret societies that make up the New World Order.


Some of those who are reading this will claim that this is just a conspiracy theory, but when a President of the United States says "we can see a New World Order coming into view." or "A world where there is a real prospect of a New World Order." Then you can see that such an idea was on the cusp of being fulfilled. The Bush family, the Clinton family, and the Obama family, are all a part of the New World Order. All the details are not completely clear or there would be no way to call it a conspiracy theory. Based on various things that have happened in society we know they're controlling things. I was confident they'd be behind a fixed election that saw Hillary Clinton become President. 

I do not believe that Donald Trump is in any way connected to the secret societies of the New World Order. I had wondered if Trump was connected to the New World Order. He was rich and powerful and fit the bill for someone who was inside. I had decided that I didn't believe him to be associated with them long before he announced that he'd be running for President. Trump could be clearly identified as a Truther following the 9-11 attacks. If he was a part of the New World Order he'd have known or at the very least known not to question the events connected to that day. He was even against the war that followed, and that war padded the pockets of the 1% that are the backbone of the New World Order. 

I also don't believe that Vladimir Putin is connected in any way to the New World Order. He backed and supported Donald Trump for President of the United States. If Putin was associated with the New World Order his loyalty would've been behind Hillary Clinton who is connected to the secret societies that make up a portion of the New World Order. If Putin was in any way a part of it then the nuclear speech he gave would have never taken place. I do think that Putin knows what is happening and some of those who are behind it all. I don't know a lot of what's going on over there, but I'd bet they're secretly connected through the secret societies of the NWO.  

The United Nations is the perfect platform for the 1% to control the world, and you can bet they have been since its creation in the mid 40's. The ideas for world domination were in place even before the creation of the UN, and has no doubt in my mind been working on the populace for the last fifty years. President John F. Kennedy knew what was going on and spoke out against it. He had a choice to make and that choice cost him his life. He knew the a global government would never work. There was too much room for total corruption and misuse of power. Kennedy was assassinated and the evil has played out through the UN as they'd planned since the end of WW2. The whole outfit was never founded on keeping peace. It was created to control the population. That's what it has done and will continue to do. Donald Trump sounded like the man to stop the global corruption, but time will tell whether or not he can get the job done. Kennedy could have but they had no problem eliminating him when he became a threat.   


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fluoride: Poison on Tap

What is Fluoride?

 Fluoride is a poison that they're putting in your drinking water. As the video above will show there have been fake experiments conducted to convince the public that there is nothing wrong with Fluoride. As the video will also show you...nothing could be farther from the truth. There is no good use for Fluoride, and that makes getting rid of it expensive. So little by little it's put into the water you drink, medicines you take, and even foods you eat. We the people have the right to demand that they stop putting fluoride in products that we consume.That's exactly what we should do until they stop. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Donald Trump Will Not Pursue Charges Against Hillary Clinton

President Elect Donald Trump had chose not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton. I'm sure that some Trump voters are upset that he's not going to investigate her, but with the state that the country is in right now, and how divided the country has become, it was probably a good choice. That's not to say that he wouldn't pursue charges at a later time, or when the proverbial bomb shell drops, but we cannot and will not forget what has happened or who she really is.

Let's just be thankful that Donald Trump won the election.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

ANONYMOUS: New World Order


Depopulation Agenda Documentary New World Order