Friday, November 23, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here?

We just re-elected Barack Obama as President of the United States. Then the next week the same states that voted for him wanted to succeed from the union. According to what I've read only Texas could actually do this, but why would the same states that voted for Obama be the first to want to succeed? 

I admit that I'd never been the political type; that is until I saw Bush fucking everything up. Until then I had always thought that the President of the United States wanted what was best for the country. There were a few events that opened my eyes. It happened over several years. 

It started for me in 2000. It was right before the attacks on America. I would come to see how the military was the biggest scam going. I had always thought the military was designed to protect American soil. They're grabbing these kids right out of high school and turning them into assassins. They're trained and sent in to strange lands to fight for what? They're not defending our freedom, well they are, but that isn't all. They fight in wars we created for our own best interests. 

We sent those kids in there to fight for our freedoms that aren't even in jeopardy. It's Vietnam all over again. It might look different, it might feel different, it might even be under different circumstances, but it is still an unnecessary war that we cannot win. A war against terrorists is a never ending war. They'll keep recruiting and killing our youth out of greed. 

"You unpatriotic son of a bitch." 

Call me that if you want to, but nothing could be further from the truth. I love this country and believe it's the best in the world. I just don't get why you can be to old to defend the country, but not too young. They don't want someone who can see the false promises and lies. They don't want the forty year old man with two failed marriages and a mortgage. They want a kid who has his whole life in front of them. The bottom line is that they're underpaid and hold the most important jobs. Homeless veteran is in some of their futures. The same kids we took straight out of high school are fucked up and homeless twenty years later. 

The treatment of our soldiers under President George W. Bush was one of the first things I noticed. I'll admit I hadn't put it together at that point, however one year later on September 11, 2001 things would start to become clear. Over the next two year I accepted it for what it was, or what I was being told. I began to see things as different parts of the puzzle were shown to me. I'm not going to tell you that terrorists didn't attack the USA. I'm just telling you that the terrorist that was behind it was George W Bush. 

I know a lot of you who are reading this are thinking conspiracy theory. There is enough shit out there that proves it's no conspiracy. I mean if you don't believe it with everything that's out there, then I'm not here to convince you. But go do your fucking homework and wake the fuck up. All the proof one person could ever need is at you fingertips. 

I finally realized what was happening. Not before I'd lost everything in the stock market crash, just like so many others had done. They called it a recession, but the truth is it was closer to a depression. Many lost everything and couldn't find jobs to save what was theirs. I didn't have trouble finding work, but I lost more than I could ever make back. There were people who'd worked their way up into the middle class, but they fell like the market, and now they'll never get back. 

We are headed for class warfare in this country, and the poor folks out number the rich as well as what is left of the middle class combined. People who are suffering are only going to take so much. There is a built in Robinhood mentality in all of us, and the poor people are starting to see that the rich get richer. They make them rich and barely survive themselves. They're afraid to stimulate the economy with that money because they see bad time up ahead. So the poorest people are spending almost as much as the richest. Both are spending just enough to live, but the rich still do that a little more lavishly. 

You can barely pay the bills, but the man you work for is taking vacations to his condo on the beach. Maybe you too once owned a condo, and in the collapse of the economy you lost it, and now you've realized that you'll never get it all back, because the economy will never be what it was again. Money makes money, so those who didn't lose everything still have something now. Scared money. They also still have that condo on the beach that they'll find in the budget to visit. I can see a time in the no so distant future when rich people are being pulled from their homes and beaten to death in the streets. 

The people who make the shit run will be on one side, and the people who make money off of the shit that those people make run will be on the other. I promise you that doesn't end in a PG 13 kind of way. The fact is that it will end badly for everyone when something like that happens. Technology will take a hit when certain people who know things, but are rich, are pulled into the streets and executed. It will be a small step back, but despite the setbacks the living will continue. 

This country isn't the one our founding father envisioned. It has turned into a money grab. We invade other countries to steal their natural resources and do it in the name of fighting terrorists. 

So...Where Do We Go From Here?

The people in charge are the ones who are fucking us over. We sit and do nothing because as individuals that is all we can do. We are being fucked on a small scale as well as the larger scale. How long do we take it before we do something? The average American that is being fucked will jump at the chance to retaliate against the powers that have ruined them. That will create the second Civil War. I'm not Nostradamus but I see that happening. People are rising above the sheep mentality. We understand that being led in the wrong way is worse than not being led at all. We don't need to have are rights violated to protect us from an imaginary enemy.

We are currently being led like a child with crack-head parents. They are playing us like idiots, because most of the population are dumb to the real issues. They live in a smaller world created by themselves that revolves around survival. They work, entertain themselves, and never think about the larger picture. Most people do not have the ability to think outside the box. Therefore they don't see a problem. Maybe they'll open their eyes to the issues, but not if the informed don't help them see the problems. It was a large group of people that fucked this thing up, and it will take a large group to fix the damage.

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