Friday, December 28, 2012

WTF is wrong with America?

WTF is wrong with America?  I sit and ask myself this as I am flabbergasted by the lies and absurdity.
It's bad enough that horrible tragedy happened at Sandy Hook.  But when it becomes clear that the Connecticut State Police have been threatening the press to suppress the truth  about the incident and the coroner deliberately lied in his comments about .233 ammunition it is completely unacceptable.
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, NBC news announced that the Newtown shootings were not done with an assault rifle, that gun never was taken into the school.  All the killings were done with four handguns.  So all the spin and all the outrage about assault rifles was created by disinformation, otherwise known as lies, perpetrated by the Connecticut State Police and Coroner's Office.
Here's a link to that story:
This is an outrage that should result in the perpetrators losing their jobs and being charged with obstruction of justice.
I was ridiculed on Huffington Post for pointing our blaring discrepancies in the "official" story but all my critics are silent now.

Next we come to the circus know as Washington. Why on earth can't Congress pass legislation to avert the fiscal cliff that they themselves created? The will of the people who elected these worthless sock-puppets is well known. Extend the tax cuts to the middle class, don't touch Social Security, renew the farm bill, tax the wealthy and extend unemployment benefits.. Every single one of those people know exactly what the will of the people is but they refuse to enact legislation that reflects that will.
This to me is a complete outrage and insult to the American people. These people need to be removed from office and charged with the obstruction of government. This cannot go on. We need to petition the whitehouse to stop payment and benefits to these traitors.
In the real world if you refuse to do your job, you get fired. If you refuse to follow the instructions of your employer you get fired. This should also hold true for elected officials. We cannot survive as a nation if our elected representatives are taking orders from special interests and foreign powers. This entire situation is beyond absurd and were I president I would declare a state of national emergency due to a non-functional government and write those thing that the American people re-elected me for by executive order and have those who who have signed pledges to lobbyists and foreign powers removed from office.  
Things have to change and never in our history has it been more evident that our government has been compromised and is not representative of the will of the electorate. This is grounds for revolution. This is also why the false flag shooting have been staged to enrage the population into giving up their guns. As Hitler said, "The way to conquer a people is to disarm them."
The Republican'ts have been holding America's most vulnerable citizens hostage to protect the obscenely wealthy from paying taxes. People who hold others hostage are terrorists. So we now have a terrorist faction in out government that must be eradicated. These terrorist must be stripped of their salary, their benefits and their position and prosecuted as we would anyone who has taken hostages. This is another reason for the president to declare a state of emergency and haul the lot of them off to Gitmo.
The American people cannot allow a corrupt faction of criminals within the government to remain. They must be removed either from within or without, but go they must. We cannot tolerate terrorist as a part of this government.

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