Thursday, January 10, 2013

Freedom Isn't Free

We as Americans are fortunate to have written into our Constitution a guarantee against disarmament. But it comes with a cost. In order to prevent the usurpation of our freedoms by totalitarian corporations and/or governments we must be prepared to accept the occasional tragic losses from madmen.
Gun ownership should never be questioned or challenged. We must look to the root of the problem that causes such violence. Every year doctors kill nearly 200,000 people in this country, many of them small children and infants. Do you hear people crying bloody murder over this? I don't. Why not be outraged by the 200k needless deaths caused by incompetence? Because this in not reported ad nausium by the MSM to whip the people into a frenzy of outrage. So why is this problem that causes nearly 20 times the deaths every year not harped on constantly as every shooting death is? Because there is a concerted attack on our 2nd amendment right to disarm us.
We as a people are armed by design of the founding fathers to prevent tyranny and insure that we have the ability to remove any government that we deem unfit to rule. But having this insurance is at the cost of occasional mass killings by madmen.
The call to ban assault rifles is not a call to ban them at all. It is a call to get them from the people but the police will be allowed to keep them. The call to ban 10 round or more clip is not a call to ban them at all, the police will still have them. Most handguns, with the exception of revolvers take a clip that hold 10 rounds. So the real threat here is the outlawing of most handguns that citizens keep for personal protection.
The real issues here are a broken mental health care system that has been defunded to the point where it is not longer functional and the use of SSRI drugs that cause these madmen to go off on killing sprees because they have adverse side effects like suicidal and homicidal mood swings.
The constant bombardment by MSM of TV programming that teaches our children that good guys kill people all the time in the name of justice or reality shows when idiots are constantly in conflict and the answer to every problem is screaming, arguing, and fighting. I don't own a gun and never have but I cherish my constitutional rights to do so and we have had our rights eroded far enough. It is time to draw the line in the sand. If we lose this battle for our rights all other rights will be removed in a very short time.
Adolf Hitler once said the way to conquer a people is to disarm them. Those who scream for gun controls are in full support of Adolf Hitler's preferred method of conquest.

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