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Stephen King and Gun Control

 Pro-Guns and No Guns

Stephen King predicted in his essay "Guns" that people would blog about it. That might have been the last time he was clearly right in the entire essay. 

 Not only were there going to be blogs written, but there would also be an essay written that would tell it like it really is. Stephen King Don't Know Shit about gun control.

I read Stephen King's essay and I read Rick Carufel's. One is in favor of gun control, and the other isn't. Stephen King has fans that would buy a copy of anything he wrote, and Rick Carufel is an unknown writer who opposes the viewpoint of Stephen King.

See these two books are splitting people who are pro-guns and people who are anti-guns. It's not about who wrote which book. The two books were written with opposite opinions on the subject. I don't own a gun, but I'm not in favor of gun control.

Stephen King discusses pulling Rage from publication, and how he thought it was a blueprint for school shootings. From there he goes into the recent school shooting, which have suspicion surrounding them. It's an overreaction to something we don't know the truth about.

Rick Carufel's book is based on the fact that it is our constitutional right to own guns, and that there is someone behind that gun who's killing people. He goes on to explain why these people are going on these shooting rampages.

I'm not in favor of gun control, so quite naturally I agreed with Rick Carufel's viewpoint on the subject. Stephen King's book was well written, but the message is all wrong. We don't need our rights violated. What we need is the truth about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. There has been conflicting statements, actors playing parents, tribute pages set up days and even weeks before it happened. The truth about an elementary school shooting shouldn't be so hard to come by.

I am a huge Stephen King fan. The truth is that I was inspired to write after reading Christine. He is my favorite writer and not just horror. While Guns was well written, and I expected nothing less, it sent the wrong message. Not just one part of the book, but the entire thing was off.

Stephen King first speaks about Rage and why he felt it necessary to pull it from circulation. Whether or not he should have pulled it is debatable, but at the end of the day he found it to be a blueprint for high school shootings. Whether or not we need a book like that out there again, is completely debatable. The book didn't kill anyone, nor did it make someone commit a crime that they ordinarily wouldn't have.

To restrict the amount of ammo that can be held in a magazine, or any other type of gun control is unconstitutional and shouldn't even be considered. King tried to avoid the politics of the issue in his essay, and I can understand why he would. However, this issue is completely political and cannot be explained properly without that being the driving force of the point.

They are not trying to outright take the guns, yet! But, they will strengthen gun laws and locate the guns. Once they know where to find them they'll round them up. They'll leave you vulnerable and defenseless. There is a more sinister plan that follows, but I'm not going to get into that in this review. Look up FEMA Camps and a lot of this will make sense.

Our right to gun ownership is being threatened by a couple of shootings that have a ton of questions surrounding them. Lies and coverups have surrounded both cases. It's odd to me that so many lies have been told, and we are talking about an elementary school shooting. The truth should have been easy to tell and no reason to lie and withhold information. The news outlets do not have to report the truth, and they don't.

We are experiencing some of the toughest times in American history. Now is not the time to take anything away, but there is never a right time to be constitutionally violated. You have to stand up for your rights, because your government isn't doing that. If you give up your're giving up your freedom at the same time.

I rarely agree with anything Glen Beck is saying. I have watched his program but usually it's for a good laugh. The way he preaches is somewhat comical. His take on Stephen King's "Guns" is one of the times that his take and mine are similar, not dead on, but pretty close. Beck would call King a hypocrite. That is not the way I feel about his writing an essay on guns, but also making a career off of horror fiction. Where guns are often used.

Overreaction and Gun Control

In Stephen King's "Guns" he talks about pulling Rage from publication. He explained that it was a blueprint for high school shootings. Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't, but it doesn't make him anymore of an expert on gun control. He wrote the essay to vent his opinions on gun control to the rest of the world, and namely his fans. Stephen King is my favorite writer and that is why I read his essay. I don't agree with him but it was very well written.

Stephen King wrote his essay based on the recent shootings, but also recognized that it has been happening for a long time. That is because it has been going on for a long time, and it will continue to happen until humans are extinct. Most of us would never randomly kill someone, and those that would probably wouldn't choose a child. We don't need to watch our guns. We need to watch out for the kind of people that would shoot a place up. Bullycide is an epidemic in America and creates killers.

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  1. Ok, I've also read (and reviewed) both essays, and as good as your blog is written, I'm sorry to say that you couldn't be more wrong about what Stephen King's essay is about. It is NOT about gun control, not about trying to take anyone's guns away, but about how we as a nation need to have stricter laws on these assault weapons that fire hundreds of bullets at once. There is NO need for anyone to own one of those. No one. True story.