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Government Mind Control: Herding the Sheep

It's clear that the government wants to control you. They have wanted to do so for a long time. The scariest thing is that they probably are controlling us. The scientific experiments that have been performed should only prove they know something about mind control. It seems to have all started in 1945 with  Operation Paperclip. The US recruited Nazi scientists skilled in torture and brainwashing. Several other projects grew from Operation Paperclip. 

1. Project CHATTER (1947)

2.  Project BLUEBIRD (1950)

3. Project ARTICHOKE (1951)

4. MKUltra (1953-1973)

It's pretty clear to me that one thing led to another and the government has never stopped trying to use mind control on the people. I believe that things they started in 40's and 50's are still being carried out today. Their methods of experimentation can only be described as criminal. Doctors unknowingly carried out procedures for MKUltra and never knew what it was for. People visiting the doctor were experimented on without their knowledge. It was said before the Supreme Court that MKUltra had 149 sub-projects. 

CIA Mind Control Techniques MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing

 James Holmes "Batman Shooter" - Under MK ULTRA - Government Sponsored Mind Control.mp4

State Of Mind Film

State of Mind is an eye opening documentary. I found it to be very informative and powerful. Everyone reading this should check out the video. The government is trying to control us from angles most people never thought about. I was shocked to find out that it starts in grade school and dates back to the late 1940's. The children leave the school system institutionalized. That's were they enter society. 

It made all the sense in the world to me. These kids get out into the world beyond the comforts of mom and dad's house. The first sign of problems and they seek help. That is where the drugs come into play. Mind control is the reason for designer drugs. The youth struggle a little adapting and they are depressed. They don't have chronic depression, but they are written up as bi-polar or manic depressive and medicated with designer drugs.

 As you'll see they're not waiting until after high school anymore. They're getting them in elementary school. "Your child has ADHD," and then they're medicated by the designer drugs. Every kid that's a little wild doesn't have ADHD or any other label they place on overactive children. It appears that they want to drug America and dumb down the people. At the current rate they'll have everyone walking around like zombies in the next fifty years.

If you look around everyone isn't walking around like zombies, but some are. They are currently controlling us, but not in the way that they want to. Their current method of control is deception. They pass bills in the middle of the night, they tell you that having health insurance in mandatory, and they use the media to distract and push their ideas on the public. Your local news is as close to news as you'll get. The cable news channels are there to manipulate and nothing more. 

Bill Clinton felt the need to apologize, but do you think the government stopped trying to control America? 

They'll never reveal to the public that they're intent is to control us. They'll never come right out and say they're currently controlling us. When you look at the whole picture it becomes clear that they are. Knowing what they're doing is half the battle, but that isn't stopping them and their mission to control the population. 

The ILLUMINATI uses Television to Control Your Mind

 The change in television programing started in the mid 1990's, and by the end of the decade the whole landscape had changed. By the time we had arrived at the middle of the following decade the programing was unrecognizable. Reality shows had taken over and the creativity was gone. Crime shows accompanied the reality television programming and both were destroying all entertainment value. The shit had lost creativity and lacked real entertainment value, so what's left? 

I grew up watching television in the 80's, and anyone my age and older can clearly see the drastic changes that have taken place. The whole thing is different right down to how the nightly news is covered. It appears that the goal of the current programming is to desensitize the viewers. They show images on programs like CSI that wouldn't  have been shown on cable television twenty years ago. 

 Very little in television is implied. Instead they slam their point into your face relentlessly. We no longer seek the truth in what we're being told, as the vast majority will take what they hear at face value. Most will just accept the way it is and live with it. There are those who'd have a problem with it if they knew it existed. We're not as free as most people believe we are. They make it appear as though we are free, but it's just more deception to hide the real corruption. They know that a portion of the population knows what's going on, but they also know that the ignorant out number them.

 Compulsive Behavior

If you don't know the truth, then there's no way to spot the lie. The lies are told so frequently that finding the truth can be a task. Most people won't take the time needed to find the truth. Some don't even care to look. So they tell you, "we must go to war." With very little questioning as to why most people just accept that we must go. President Kennedy didn't think we needed to go into Vietnam, but he ended up dead, and we ended up going into a war we had no chance of winning. I strongly believe that one thing is connected to the other. The truth about September 11th 2001 has never come out, well it has but in the underground news outlets with people like the Truth Movement and Info Wars. If they told America what really happened we the people would turn on our government. 

There are several ways they keep us in check. First of all they need conflict between us. Whether it be black and white, rich and poor, or Democrats and Republicans, they need conflict to keep people sidetracked and occupied, but more importantly separated. If the lesser important problem keep one from looking at the big picture they're getting what they want. When we're not united because we're not all in the same place mentally, they're winning. The white and black people are coinciding and the race wars are all but over. I've come to see that both races seem to be turning on the Mexicans that have been brought here by our President. There Must Be Conflict. 

They have to keep us in the dark. They do this by covering nonsense for news, and never really discussing what the real issues are. If they do give you something news worthy it's usually to further cover up a lie. Show the the right hand, while the left hand is doing the wrong. The various news outlets bring in a guest who's view on the subject is not what they're selling, and then they call them crazy.    

"The worst thing to call somebody is crazy" - Dave Chappelle

The people being called crazy are perfectly sane and normal. Their views may be different from the public opinion, but they're not crazy and they're only being called crazy because they speak out against a lie or injustice. They're being called crazy to discredit their message. Just because it's not the majority opinion doesn't make it any less relevant or true. The public opinion is heavily based on lies. If you speak out against what they've established as public opinion then you are crazy, and therefore not relevant. 

" Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories regarding the attacks of September 11th." - George Bush.

The media likes to promote the people who sell the story they want the public to buy. They discredit the people who've uncovered the real story and call them Conspiracy Theorists. Why did Bush assume there would be conspiracy theorists debunking 9/11? The lie was too big and he knew it would get away from them. Bush knew there would be those who uncovered the truth, and he wanted them viewed as crazy conspiracy theorists before the inevitable were to happen. 

To control the masses they have to keep the majority ignorant. More than half of the viewing public believe what they tell them. Those who don't believe the lies are outside the circle. Being outside the circle means your opinion is not the popular viewpoint. I left a book review and included my opinion on the Sandy Hook shootings. I simply said we weren't getting the whole story. My books were reviewed negatively and I was labeled a Sandy Hook denier.

I know when your opinion doesn't match the lies that the brainwashed have been fed and believe, then you are a crazy conspiracy theorists like George Bush once said you were. The people who turn on you or dismiss what you're saying are those who are being controlled mentally. The people who buy into the political propaganda are being controlled. Mind Control works and if you just look for the signs you'll see who's being controlled. 



  What Can We Do? 

Get the truth out there. Most people don't even know that the government is trying to control us. Maybe you can tell it better than I did here. I can assure you that half the people you think don't care just don't know. When enough people realize that we're being controlled the situation will take care of itself. That is how I know America is uninformed on this issue. They don't know that Clinton apologized for the torture of innocent Americans. Some might call you crazy, but there are too many facts and truths for one to deny what you tell them. If you don't believe what's being said, well look it up and research it. They haven't confessed to everything, but there's enough there to see what's truly happening.

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