Sunday, August 9, 2015

Together We Stand - Divided We Fall

What in the hell is going on? 

Congress is trying to pass a bill that will allow the US military to detain Americans on American soil without ever charging them with anything for as long as they see fit. The war on terrorism has already separated us from some of our constitutional rights, and the fact that congress is giving the military the right to detain citizens and imprison them at any time says something. 

The removal of the confederate flag debate was burning like the California wildfires last month. In the end it was removed by all the major outlets like Walmart and Amazon. There was a line drawn between the people and it was done fairly easily. The real question is: What was the left hand doing while everyone was paying attention to the confederate flag debate. The government has used this tactic before, just like signing bills and voting laws in while people are preoccupied. 

The writing is on the wall. They are training soldiers on how to detain Americans in the streets of America. They've already taken a swipe at the guns, but that didn't go over too well. They would love to take on an unarmed America, but don't think for a minute that they will not still carry out any war against us that they want. They're up to something and I think you know what that is. 

The easiest way to be taken over is by being divided. They don't want us to be UNITED, as we would be harder to overtake, and that's if they could overtake us at all.

They want race, religion, politics, to divide us. The lower class and the middle class - Why would you divide people into classes if there wasn't a reason? You're divided in ways you don't always even realize, but when you look around you, you'll know where you're at.

If they come after you...then you're had. If they come after us then they will inevitably fail. United we stand, and alone you will fall. They do not want everyone on the same page. They do not want people who think and out think the desperate situations they present. What they want is for us to fall into their divisive propaganda. They want us to be mindless zombies that they can control.

You are not programmed and you are not a robot. You have a brain and you are in charge of your own thoughts. You can think and form your own opinions. Don't believe too much of anything without doing your own research, because only knowing what one side or the other wants you to know isn't knowledge. The press and news isn't reporting what's really happening, they're reporting what they're told.

The New World Order - The Order of the Population

The elite and the rich. They own this place and you're not invited to the party. Remember when the cool kids sat at one table, and everyone else sat somewhere else? Well there are only so many seats at that table. If the other 75 kids wanted to remove those 10 to 15 kids, there would be nothing they could do about it. Those in charge don't want you to know the capabilities you possess, but if those other kids did what they really wanted to do 75 vs. 15 is not a match at all. They are brainwashed to accept that some are just more important for whatever reason.

The elite members of our society have the same popular kid mentality and they're outsmarting us and keeping the lights off. They rule us by deception and they control us out of fear. When we are afraid we'll do whatever it takes to remove that fear. When we are informed and united we can't be deceived and controlled. Race, symbols, religion, money, politics, and financial class is what divides us. They know this and know they can control it. How and when they come after us is all speculation. Knowing they have facilities, they're practicing in US cities, and their war on terrorism, is factual and proof that they are up to something. I think we know what that is, don't we?

The NWO Wants Your Guns

The news brings us shooting after shooting. Why? Because they want you to hand your guns over. They report gun violence being at an all time high. That is not true, but they're presenting you with shooting after shooting to convince you otherwise. Once they have the guns your freedom is gone. If they are unable to get your guns voluntarily they're still going to get them. They will use your food and money, and then you'll hand your guns over.

Every time they bring up gun control guns sells go up. The subject lately has died down, and open carry laws have been passed. That says something right there. Knowledge is power and so are your guns. A informed and united population with guns cannot be controlled. There are those who know what's going on, there are those who somewhat know what's happening, but there are also those who know very little or nothing at all about what's happening. We must all get on the same page now.

Distracted and Divided

The Confederate Flag was brought into question after a shooter was found in a picture with the flag. That started a controversy that lasted for weeks and had the flag removed from state buildings. We are the same with the flag as without it. No matter which side of the debate you're on it was still used to distract. While you were worried about a flag the government was renewing the Patriot Act. They passed laws that allow them to get into your private business. They divided those for the flag and those against it. They took advantage of the situation and won all the way around.

Republican or Democrat, and does it really matter? This is another way to divide the population. It really doesn't matter which side you choose the story remains the same. Because in the end neither side controls anything. There's still a pecking order and  it doesn't matter which side gets elected because none of it means a damn thing. It's there to make you believe you have choices. They want you to think that your opinion counts. You are decided for just like your parents did for you when you were a child. They don't tell you what one hand is doing while deceiving you with the other. The only real choice you have is to educate yourself as to what their true agendas are.

Religion has caused as much separation as any war. The way the religious look at the non religious, and the way one denomination looks at the other. There are different opinions on what's right and what isn't, and the opinions vary on the whole religion in public schools. The issues attached to religion separate the people and though not all on the same page. Organized religion is the largest cult in the world. The different religions are basically looking at things in the same ways, but they're still divided, classified, and separated. They don't care how you follow, or even if you follow. They're just glad that you're divided and separated.

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  1. They already have passed that when they passed the extension of the Patriots Act.