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Are We Alone in the Universe? Not Possible

What Do We Already Know? 

I will start by saying I've never seen a UFO, or at least not that I recognized as being one. When Americans were polled in 1997 the results showed that 72% believe that the government knows more than they tell us. I'm pretty sure they know more than they're telling us, and I have also seen them slowly release little pieces of information here and there for us to pick up on. It seems they're desensitizing us to the idea. Why wouldn't they? It appears most already believe they are. 

We know that there have been at least a half dozen classified projects investigating the subject. We also know that there have been sightings that were seen by large groups of people. Not to mention our own government has confessed to seeing objects they couldn't explain. So it's pretty much undeniable fact that Unidentified Flying Objects are in the sky. You might be like me and never saw any thing conclusive yourself, but too many others have for it to be dismissed. I think we all know that the universe is too big for us humans to be the only intelligent life out there. 

In April of 1990 we launched the Hubble Space Telescope. We saw things for the first time that we'd never been able to see from Earth. They know know that the universe is filled with galaxies and that there are billions of planets out there circling stars just like we do in the the Milky Way. For the amount of space beyond what we know about, and at this point we know it's bigger than we thought, we can only assume that we are not the only form of life out there. Not only are we not alone but I believe there are other planets in other galaxies that humans could populate like Earth. 

If We Are Not Alone - Where Are the Extraterrestrials? 

This is a good question. First one has to accept the possibility that they exist. Once you realize that there's almost no way that they couldn't it's only normal to want to know where they are. If you research the question you'll get a plethora of different places, other galaxies, the moon, Venus, Mars, and even Earth. 

The fact is that if they can make it here means they're far more advanced than we are. Which is why the government doesn't want us to know about them. If they have made it here you've got to wondered when they could've gotten here?
According to cave drawing, ancient artwork, and structures like The Great Pyramids of Giza. 

The thing is that if they can get here then they could be anywhere. If they've always been here, and history would support that, then they could be a part of everything we know. Some believe they've always been here going back to the age of the dinosaurs. If that's the case then they could easily be mixed into our lives as we know them, (most suspect they have) and it's even possible that they are the creators of humans.

Where did we come from? By now you've been told several different theories as to how man was created, evolution from primates, the big bang, and neanderthals (cavemen) evolving into modern man. They've never told you that an advanced civilization could have put you here on Earth. If you ask me it's not as far of a reach as the other theories. We are here with far more capabilities than we use. The doctors have proven that we don't use the entire brain, and that are body has what they call junk DNA. 

The things we know are: We don't know how we got here, we now know that the universe is bigger than we thought, and there is proof that we have been visited in the past. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume whatever you might from this, and we'll look into what others think as we move along here. The stories will differ to some degree, but there are certain areas and certain things that are consistent and seem to be more reliable. 

(Alien Interview with Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy)

This is an interesting interview. The alien who was believed to be female would only talk to the Matilda MacElroy. The unwillingness for the alien (Airl) to even allow another person to communicate was alarming in a way. It would have made this definitive fact if Aril would have spoke to someone else. Matilda was given a lie detector test and drilled by government agents, but there was no proof that she was lying. Even if she was lying about being able to communicate with the being, and she proved she wasn't, but there were government agents looking right at the extraterrestrial whether is spoke or not. 

I can't say whether or not this story is true or not. If it's not true it one helluva first person narratives I've ever read. The placement of words and the overall tone of the story was as good as any science fiction story I've ever read. It had the feel of a true story, and the message was extremely powerful. There's no way to know whether the story is true or not, so you really have to just file the story as things you know as you continue to search for the truth. I've personally always thought that the information would come from various different places. This might be the holy grail, but since we don't know we have to assume it's not.

Why Have We Not Seen Them?

There are those who've claimed to have seen them, and even those who claim to have been abducted by them. There's no telling how many of these claims are real and a percentage couldn't accurately be applied. However, we know that some are and sometimes they're caught on camera to back the claim. Those that provide some type of proof are the only claims that could be taken seriously. Sadly these types of things demand proof because of the suspicion surrounding the subject. People want the government to open up about what they really know, but those who believe or know something about this subject are afraid or most likely wouldn't discuss it. 

You probably haven't seen them because very few ever have. How many people ever win the lottery or any type of drawing of luck? It's hard to compare this to being lucky because in some recorded encounters are anything but pleasant. Betty and Barney Hill abduction was not reported as being pleasant and there are a lot of others just like theirs. To say a sighting is rare would be an understatement, but I believe they're happening to the lucky or unlucky. 

Perhaps we're not seeing them because they don't want to be seen. If they're advanced enough to get here from another galaxy or dimension they're far more advanced than we can imagine. So that pretty much tells you that we're so far below them intellectually that they'd have no interest in us. Imagine an ant bed full of ants. That's a colony of an advanced civilization, but we can't communicate with them or work with them. Still we know from our studies of the species that they do amazing things. 

As it was stated before and I agree. Our government knows more than they tell us. If they told us what they know and enlighten us to the whole story contact might be made. Some believe they haven't told us because we live right beside them everyday. They not only came here long ago, but they never left Earth when they got here. If this is true then you have seen them and you just never knew you did. That guy that doesn't seem like everyone else might not be, and said person might not know who or what they really are. 

Government and Aliens 

Secret Treaty between the Aliens and our Government

A lot of people (3/4 of the population) believe the government is withholding information about extraterrestrials. With good reason too. You've had declassified documents that got into the public like the Blue Planet Project among others. 

PDF]Blue Planet Project - Whale

This man claims to have been sent by president Eisenhower to meet an Alien.

As of lately in the 2000's the government has slowly released info regarding the subject. It's almost as if they want to tell us but in a way that we figure it out for ourselves. Maybe they don't want us to know but various people involved do, because there has been high ranking people and whistle blowers that have been killed to protect the secret. Examples are: James Forrestal and Karla Turner. 

[PDF]Madness and Politics: The Case of James Forrestal

Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact - but it has been covered up for 60 years

Edgar Mitchell admits the government knows more than they let on. "This is really starting to open up. I think we're headed for real disclosure and some serious organisations are moving in that direction." 

Dr. Mitchell and Alan Shepard were aboard Apollo 14 and hold the record for the longest moonwalk ever. Nine hours and seventeen minutes in 1971. He says that we have known about alien for the last sixty years.  

 "It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it."

Some Faces of Ufology

Donald Keyhoe interview 1958

Donald Keyhoe was an American Marine Corps Naval Aviator. In the 1950's he became a well know UFO researcher. He believed the government should conduct more thorough research on the subject. Through the 50's and 60's he was regarded a leader in the field of Ufology. 

UFO's are Real Donald Keyhoe pdf 

Keyhoe's book Flying Saucers Are Real, ... was the first influential attempt to promote the idea of the alien spacecraft. 

Bob Lazar

The Bob Lazar Story - UFO Evidence

Bob Lazar allegedly helped in back-engineering an alien space craft at a complex known as S4. It's near the area 51 test site at Groom Lake. His educational background has been brought into question, and there are no records showing he attended either institution he claimed to be a student from. Was there some sort of mix up? Was he just flat out lying about his background? If he would lie about his education then he'd fabricate his story about working at the secret test facility S4. 

His knowledge of the crafts was comparable with someone who'd seen one before. I'm not sure whether or not Lazar ever saw a space craft in his life, but he had a story that was top shelf fiction if it weren't true. Some of his scientific theories about the crafts have been refuted, but still to this day those with inside knowledge agree he knows too much to have not been inside the facility. 

Bob Lazar's Website

Billy Meier

Billy Meier UFO Case

Billy Meir is a Swiss citizen who has allegedly has had numerous contact visits with an alien race known as the Plejarens. He's provided metal samples, video tapes, and voice recordings in the 1970's. He claims his first contact with aliens took place in 1942 when he was five. The contacts stopped in 1964 and didn't resume until 1975. 

Phil Schneider 

The Mysterious Life and Death of Philip Schneider

Phil Schneider was an ex-government engineer who was involved in building underground bases. He was found murdered in his apartment in 1996 with piano wire around his neck and appeared to be tortured before being executed in what was said to be military like in nature. He was one of three people to survive a deadly battle with the large Grey Aliens at the Deluce underground base.

George Adamski

PDF]George Adamski - How to Find Lost Objects

In October 1946 George Adamski was watching a meteor shower with friends at the Palomar Gardens campgrounds. During this outing they reportedly saw a long cigar shaped UFO. Adamski would refer to the craft as the 'Mothership.' In the following year in 1947 there were multiple reports of sightings. That year Adamski reported seeing 184 UFOs at the same Palomar Gardens park. His claims have been both supported and disputed.

In 1949 Adamski began giving lectures on the subject in southern California. He would charge a fee for these lectures. He would make claim that the government knew about and was hiding information from the public. He said that they had knowledge of every planet in the solar system inhabiting life. His claims were not well received by the scientific community. According to serious Ufologist, Adamski's claims along with similar fraudulent sightings were giving the actual Ufologists a bad name. His stories and legend would grow. He claimed to have made contact with a Nordic alien in 1952.  

Orfeo Angelucc

[PDF]Son of the Sun - Orfeo Angelucci -

The claims by Angelucc were similar to those of Adamski. He claimed the aliens were human in appearance, and they answered to a mother ship. He said they were superhuman space people who were friendly and spiritual. 

Extraterrestrial Contact in 1952: the Case of Orfeo Angelucci

His claims would involve being taken up into Earth's atmosphere and being asked questions about the human race. 

Philip J. Corso

Corso was a  lieutenant colonel in the United States Military. His claims cannot be dismissed so easily, as maybe some of the other could. He stated in his book The Day After Roswell co-authored by Bill Birnes, that he help recover a downed UFO saucer outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.  

                                             Philip J. Corso

Corso said a covert operation was assembled by the CIA, and was headed up by Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter. The government was said to have reverse engineered the craft, and in doing so they uncovered several known discoveries, accelerated particle beam, fiber optic, lasers, integrated circuits and Kevlar. 


Robert Dean

Robert Dean is another former military Command Sargent Major who claims to have viewed a classified document called "The Assessment." It discussed threats from extraterrestrials on Earth. 

Bob had a Cosmic Top Secret Clearance in the military. He retired in 1976 and lost that clearance. His experiences have gave him access that most of us will never obtain. He's got interesting concepts. He believes that the human race is a hybrid race. We were created and genetically manipulated on this planet. 

Richard Dolan

 UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-up 1941-1973, was Dolan's first book published in 2000. The preface was written by scientist Jacques Vallee.

Dolan wrote a follow up book titled UFO's and the National Security State: The Cover Up Exposed 1973-1991. 

Raymond Fowler

Fowler has written several books on the subject of Ufology. The first was completed in 1974. Fowler has been a part of many UFO investigations over the years for the Mutual UFO Network, as the Director of Scientific Investigations. His interest in the subject started on July 4, 1947 when he had his first sighting as a teenager. Coincidentally is was around the same time the crash happened at Roswell. He'd been working in the field when he first saw the alleged UFO. He said the object only hovered a few minutes before it disappeared. He thought it was an experimental aircraft being tested by the military. He'd come to find out that others had seen it too, and the Air Force was looking into UFO sightings. 

Daniel Fry

Daniel Fry was a scientist working at the White Sands Missile Range. Fry claims he was abducted right there in the presence of the Air Force. He was flown 8000 miles to NYC. His abductor was an alien named A-Lan. He explained flying saucers to him, and told him that the guardians of this planet were a species called 'Nors'. It sounds a lot like Nordics which have been reported as guardians of this planet. He said they mean us no harm, but are not satisfied with how we treat Earth. 

Fry's evidence has been disputed and he's not considered credible in the stories he tells. His education was reportedly obtained through a mail order establishment called St. Andrews, according to Wikipedia. He failed a lie detector test and was not considered relevant among some ufology experts. 

Alien Nation

The Roswell Crash: Was this the first time our government encountered aliens? 

Fact and Fiction

This was not the first crash by an alien craft on the planet. The stories, books, and overall coverage the Roswell Incident got made it seem like the beginning. In 1897 there was an alleged crash in Aurora, Texas. In 1941 there was an alleged crash in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Roswell was not the first alleged crash of an alien craft on Earth, but it was the crash that really got people wondering and looking into the subject more closely. 

It was also the golden age in science fiction stories. Some of the best stories ever written in the genre were written from the late 30's through the mid 60's. One doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the other, but it most definitely could have one way or another. 

The fact that there are bogus stories out there, and the subject is surrounded by controversy, it makes it all seem to difficult to figure out what's legit. The only thing you can really do is look into everything you can and decide for yourself. The information is out there and some of it is insightful and more than likely true. When the story comes from a declassified document it probably has a lot of truth wrapped up in it. Fictional stories have no doubt influenced some people's claims regarding alien contact, but actual events have no doubt influenced fiction as well. 

 Declassified Majestic 12

The Majestic 12 was a group of twelve men made up of scientist, military leaders, and government officials. The group was established in 1947 by president Harry S. Truman to recover and investigate alien spacecrafts. The story was not uncovered until the early 1980's by ufologists. The FBI denied the existence and called it an elaborate hoax. 

The idea was accepted by the ufologists, authors, filmmakers, and television. Remember what I said about fiction and reality be closer than you think. This in my opinion is another case of that very thing. The secret group was uncovered by those looking into the Roswell crash. A number of books were published around this time on that incident. 

If the whole thing was based on suspicion it was answered in 1984, (ironically the same name as George Orwell's novel.) when a envelope containing undeveloped film was sent to Jamie Shandera. When the film was developed it showed eight pages of documents on Operation Majestic Twelve. It was authorized by president Truman in 1952 and explained how they concealed the Roswell crash in 1947. 

The document explained how they'd covered up the crash and recovered alien technology. It also included a plan of how the United States should engage with extraterrestrials in the future. Shandera and two of his colleagues Stanton Friedman and Bill Moore received a series of messages that led them to the classified Cutler/Twining memo in 1985. The memo was allegedly written by General Nathan Twining and Eisenhower assistant Robert Cutler. 

It referenced the Majestic 12, but was supposedly a hoax according to historian Robert Goldberg. He says ufologists accepted it as true because it bolstered their claims of legitimacy. Richard Doty claimed to be connected to it as a United States Air Force Special Investigations. He told filmmaker Linda Moulton Howe that the story was true and allegedly showed other unspecified documents that supported his claims. 

The documents provided proof that there were small Grey alien humanoids originating from the Zeta Reticuli star system. Doty promised Howe with film footage, but he never produced any such proof. Although the proof was never provided it was in line with other claims not connected directly. Distrust and suspicion clouded the community and led to disagreements among ufologists. The authenticity of MJ-12 was brought into question. Moore and others were accused of taking part in a big hoax. 

Journalist Philip J Klass  was accused of spreading disinformation to hide the truth from those seeking MJ-12 truths. The FBI opened up an investigation into the secret group, and quickly formed opinions of doubts about the documents provided. The US. Air Force Office of Special Investigations made a statement following a supposed investigation. "No committee has ever been authorized or formed." They declared the MJ-12 documents as completely bogus. 

Journalist Howard Blume says that Majestic 12 was created in 1982 to collaborate
a novel called Majik 12. Bill Moore had purportedly asked the National Enquirer 
reporter Bob Pratt to collaborate on the novel. This is why Pratt always assumed 
the story was a hoax. The public opinion is spit down the middle. 

[PDF]Eisenhower Briefing Document - Majestic

The following individuals were described in the Majestic 12 documents as "designated members" of Majestic 12.

On May 2014 Dr. Steven Greer received top secret documents related to Project Aquarius. It was a purported MJ-12 project related to Aliens and UFOs. 

Dr. Green was seeking anyone with first hand knowledge to verify the validity of the document. It's not known whether the documents are real, but the info in the document does correspond with know events. 

The Contractor 
I can assure you that these documents were not originally leaked in 2014. They first surfaced in 1983 when they were leaked to UFO researcher Bill Moore who was allowed twenty minutes to photograph them. Whilst doing so he placed a 25 cent piece in the bottom left-hand corner for scale. The full story can be found in Timothy Good's "Alien Liaison" in a chapter entitled Project Aquarius. In my UK copy published in 1991 by Random Century Ltd. The full story can be found on pages 108-110 which contains excerpts referring to projects Aquarius, Sigma, Snowbird and Pounce. The wordings are identical to the wordings in your video. Hope this info is of some help.

The Majestic-12 Operations

1) Operation Majority - Is the name of the operation of every aspect and consequences of alien life on Earth. 

2) Majesty - It's the code name for the president when being referred to in these operations. 

3) Grudge - Documents of collected information from the beginning of the United States investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects. The project was funded by the CIA.The purpose of GRUDGE was to collect all scientific, technological, medical and intelligence information from UFO & IAC sightings.  

4) The Jason Society - Also known as the Jason Scholars, is a group of 32 of the country's most prominent men. The leadership included  Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Welsh Dulles, Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski, President of the Trilateral Commission from 1973 until 1976, and Dr. Henry Kissinger, leader of the scientific effort. 

MJ-12 was made up of the top 12 members of the Jason Society 32 members. They were given code J-1, J-2, J-3, and so one through the 32 man members of the secret group. The director of the CIA was appointed J-1. They once only answered to the president, but allegedly this is no longer the case. The secret meeting place is located in Maryland, and can only be reached by air. The land was donated by the Rockerfeller family. It's known as the 'Country Club', and only those with top secret MAJI clearances are allowed to go there. 

MAJI - Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence 

MAJIC - Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence Controlled

5) Project Sign - In 1947 this group was assembled to obtain as much information about UFO as possible. Project Sign would evolve into Project Grudge. Project Blue Book would come from this, but only information considered safe would be passed along. 

Roswell-Magdalena: General George C. Marshall organized the MJ-12 in 1947 to study the UFO crash recoveries. The director of the CIA (Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter) decided to activate the Robertson Panel, which was designed to monitor civilian UFO groups that were popping up all over the United States. In 1956 Hillenkoetter join NICAP and was chosen to the board of directors. In that position he acted as MJ-12 Mole. He was connected to other covert experts and were able to steer the NICAP in any direction he wanted them to go. 

NICAP - National Committee on Aerial Phenomena

Five groups were assigned to the investigation of the Roswell and San Agustine Flats near Magdalena in southern New Mexico. 

* The Research and Development Board (R&DB) 
* Air Force Research and Development (AFRD) 
* The Office of Naval Research (ONR) 
* CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence (CIA-OSI) 
* NSA Office of Scientific Intelligence (NSA-OSI) 

Not one single group knew the whole story. They were only told what MJ-12 wanted them to know. MJ-12 also operated through civilian intelligence and investigative groups. The FBI and CIA were controlled by MJ-12. The NSA was created specifically to the secret of UFO or Flying Discs. Eventually it gained access over all intelligence communication. This allowed the NSA to investigate whoever they wanted through, mail, telephone, online computers or any other personal or private communications. 

 Those who worked in the NSA and MJ-12 are sworn to secrecy. They took an oath of security. Anyone who was found to have broken the oath is subject to anyone of these direct consequences. 

1. A verbal warning of the security oath. 
2. A stronger warning sometimes accompanied by browbeating or intimidation. 
3. Psychologically working on the person to bring on depression and suicide. 
4. Murder of the person made to appear as suicide or accident. 
5. Strange accident always fatal in nature. 
6. Confinement in special detention centers. 
7. Confinement in insane asylums. Where they are treated by methods of mind control. 
8. Bringing the person to the inside where they work for them and can be properly monitored. This is usually in closed underground facilities. 

The Greys and Reptilians 

The two most widely talked about species of aliens are the Greys and the Reptilians. 

The Grey alien is said to have no interest in the human civilization. We don't are like the ants to them. Sure they find us interesting in certain ways. They don't understand the feelings that humans experience, which tells me they're emotionless. We allegedly are slaves of another alien race confined to this planet. The small Greys are allegedly slaves to the larger Grey, and they're both slaves to the Reptilians. They're interested in the whole concept of slavery. 

The Reptilians are said to be a malevolent species of alien. They can shape shift and make themselves look human. David Icke speaks in depth about the subject. Hybrid Reptilians supposedly live among us everyday. They've been said to live inside Earth too. The feed off of negative energy, and supposedly created the Greys so they could use them for slaves. The Reptilians are evil and like the fact that we resort to war so easily. 

Even the reptiles don't want to see us destroy Earth. This is the breeding ground for slavery. Several different accounts of the subject agree on one thing. We are slaves here on Earth. Perhaps we're nothing more than animals to these two races of alien. When they need a human body or want to impact us in some way they show up here.    

Types of Alien Races

The Pleiadians  

The Pleiadians are also called Nordic aliens come from the Pleadian star system.The Pleiadians either came from a group called the Lyrans, or coexisted with them.  Lyran, Pleiadian, and Sirians are all similar in appearance, and could very well all be one species. The Pleiadians are a multi-dimensional being. They can be in several dimensions at one time. 

George Adamski and Billy Meier were both allegedly contacted by the Pleiadians. They are a human looking race. One theory is that they are our ancestors. I'm not sure that we came from the Pleiadians, or that they're even real. There is another theory that we are not descendants of theirs. That we are of a different species who coexisted with them on Earth at one point.

There are some who believe that God was of the Pleiadian race. When you think about the miracles described in the Bible it supports this idea. Virgin Mary had a baby boy who'd one day rise from the dead. The whole alien discussion asks you to think outside the realm of possibility, and the Bible does the same thing. I think we all realize their is a higher power than we understand, and if one is true the other could be as well. For all we know they're not only connected but are one in the same.   

George Andrews successfully contacted a Nordic alien through a woman in California in October of 1987. This Nordic was not associated with the Greys in any way. The message was documented in the book Secret UFO Files: What We Know, What We Don't, What They Don't Want You to Know. 

Secret UFO Files: What We Know, What We Don't, What They Don't Want You to Know

                                               The Nordic 

"The projection of psychic energy we periodically exude in the form of religious devotion may be like honey which fortifies and sustains the deities it is directed at. At this stage of our development, blind worship may no longer be what is required, but rather conscious understanding of our symbiotic relationship with the multi-dimensional entities which planted our ancestors on this planet. If they are now signaling their presence to us in the hope that we have become capable of understanding and communication instead of blind worship, our ignoring of those signals could give them the idea that the experiment has been a failure and should be terminated.s
Perhaps the worldwide public appearance of UFOs and the appearance of LSD, both of which events took place shortly after the first atomic bombs devastated entire cities, are not isolated separated events, but on the contrary, closely linked. Both the UFO and the LSD experience are characterized by multi-colored luminous apparitions and other-wordly realities. LSD may have been deliberately planted among us to prepare us for the shock of confrontation with non-human intelligent beings."GEORGE C. ANDREWS, EXTRATERRESTRIALS AMONG US. St Paul, Minnesota, 1993

The Good and the Bad In UFO Research

The subject is a controversial one. So whether you believe or not the truth can be hard to find. Some want to expose the truth, others want to debunk the claims, and some are out there to make a dollar or little fame. 

When looking into something I believe you must do your own research to uncover the truth. That's not just on the subject of UFO sightings and stories, but the news as a whole. Most realize they're not giving it to you straight. 

Who's saying what and why?

When someone comes out claiming to be a government insider, but they don't show their face and use a computer generated voice, they lose all credibility as far as their alleged position and their story. Don't get me wrong. I understand why they would do so, however it doesn't help their claim. Anonymous claims cannot be accepted as valid. 

On the other hand you've got former government insiders who don't hide and come out and tell what they know. This can absolutely be taken seriously. It makes you wonder why some would come out and others hide. When you can put a name and a face on it then you've got something. They're standing behind they story they have to tell, and if you want to debunk the claim you know who made it. 

(There are those who are credible and those who aren't, and here is a list that reflects the public opinion of the two. This is not my list nor do I agree with every name in each category. Some I do feel are properly placed, but you should do your own research and decide for yourself.)  

These are some names that are trusted in ufology: 

David Adair
Colin Andrews
Stephen Bassett
Richard Boylan
Courtney Brown
Scott Catamas
Clifford Stone
Gordon Cooper
Philip Corso
James Courant
Marc Davenport
James Deardorff
Richard Dolan
Jose Escamilla 
Timothy Good
Charles Hall
Leah Haley
Donna Tietze
Paola Harris
Ruth Hover
Jack Kasher
Guy Kirkwood
Barbra Lamb
Robert Lazar
Roger Leir
Michael Lindemann
Ted Loman
John Mack
Jesse Marcel
Jim Marrs
Jamie Mausson
Clark McClelland
Edgar Mitchell
Brian O'Leary
Nancy Red Star
Mary Rodwell
Dan Sherman
Leo Sprinkle
Wendelle Stevens
Alford Lambremont
Ryan Wood
Michael Wolf

These are some of the untrustworthy names in ufology: 

John Alexander
James Jesus Angleton
Robert Barker
Barbra Bartholic
Al Bielek
Bob Bigelow
William Bramley
Peter Brookesmith
Dan Burisch
Jerome Clark
Alex Collier
Robert Collins
Bill Cooper
Ed Dames
Richard Doty
Stanton Friedman
Christopher Kit Green
Steven Greer
Richard Hall
James Harder
Buddy Hopkins
David Icke
Bobby Ray Inman
David Jacobs
Erick Julian
Philip Klass
Kal Korff
John Lear Jr. 
Nancy Leider
Bruce Maccabee
William Moore
Robert Morningsky
Linda Moulton Howe
Sheldon Nidle
Gordon Novel
Ted Oliphant
Ronald Pandolfi
Michael Salla
Jack Starfatti
Philip Schneider
Derrel Sims
Dan Smith
Dennis Stacy
Al Bert Stubblebine
Val Valerian
Jacques Valle
George Wakenhut

These lists should be used as a starting point. It puts all the popular names out there in one place to be researched. This is popular opinion, but personally I think there are names in each category that could be on the other side. Just because public opinion doesn't agree with a particular persons views doesn't mean they're not valid or shouldn't be looked into.

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